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Principal's message

We have completed our first month of school! We are feeling great as things settle back into a more familiar routine of learning and belonging in our community. This month we had a school focus of using talk moves to empower students to share their thinking in the learning community. Ask your students about how they show they agree, think differently, or have an idea! We know that when students actively listen to each other and share their own ideas, everyone learns.

In October, we will be working on our stamina, by flying further! As we are flexing our brains and working hard, we practice our regulation strategies when we may feel frustrated. Ask your student what works best for them when their ‘lid is flipped.’ Is it taking a break, rainbow breathing, closing their eyes and using positive self-talk? Perhaps you can learn a new technique that helps you too!


~Liza Rickey, Principal




We are down to clearing the walker’s line in 8-9 minutes and the car line in 17-19 minutes! We are asking for your support and cooperation in the following ways:

-Stay in your car at all times

-Please report any concerns to Principal Rickey and avoid confronting other adults. We want to be great models for our students.

-If your child needs assistance with their seatbelt, pull in front of cross walk and then help. This will keep the line moving.

-Please help us be good neighbors by not driving down Garden or Meadow for the car line. Circle around to Factory to join the line.

Please watch this video to review how we will




Sartori is designed for the majority of our students to be transported by bus. Our parent pick-up lane is causing congestion in the surrounding area; our student, parent and staff safety is a concern. To ease the pressure on our Sartori community and neighborhood, please consider having your student ride the bus home from school. The Transportation Department has let us know that our buses are at a very low capacity this year, so students have more space. Required assigned seats limit exposure to other students. Masks are required and buses are sanitized daily. Now that routes and routines are established, students should be arriving in good time.

Please email and we will be happy to help request a bus route for you.



RIDE 360 App/Busing

School bus route information is listed in both Skyward Family Access and Ride 360. Family Access (available August 25) shows the bus route, bus stop and pickup and drop off information. Ride 360 shows that same information, plus gives you maps of your bus stop location, alert messages for delays, and shows bus location (mobile phones only). You can get more information on Ride 360 on the Ride 360 Bus Route App page.


Volunteers & Visitors

The Renton School District’s Safety & Security Department has implemented a new process for volunteers and visitors to our buildings. To learn more about the procedure and to complete the new Volunteer & Visitor Background Check Application, we invite you to visit the RSD Volunteer and Visitor website.

Please note that the paper form used in prior years will no longer be accepted. All volunteers and regular visitors will need to complete the online form.

Your first time at school, you will need to complete a short process which includes scanning your ID, so please be sure to have it with you. You will receive a sticker with your picture and destination. When you arrive to school to volunteer or visit, you must bring your ID/Drivers License to be scanned. Please be very patient with us as we implement this new system and complete this process with each person.


Note about the COVID vaccine:

On Aug. 18, 2021, Washington Governor Jay Inslee released new COVID immunization guidelines for K-12 staff statewide. Inslee announced all PK-12 staff, including substitutes, volunteers, visitors, and others are required to provide proof of receiving a COVID vaccination as a condition of employment. K-12 employees will have until October 18 to be fully vaccinated. The safety-requirement mandate does not include students.


SOUND Discipline free parent workshop - Parenting with courage and connection

Parenting with Courage & Connection – a FREE Introduction to Parenting with Positive Discipline


**Space is limited in this FREE workshop. RSVPs required. Please RSVP ASAP**


Parents are often challenged by power struggles and whining, arguments over chores, sibling fights, bedtime problems, clashes over homework and screen time, and other issues. This workshop provides an introduction to the skills and tools needed to get to the core of conflict and bring more peace and joy to your home.

In this fun and interactive workshop, learn how to:

  • Use basic brain science (adult and child) to improve behavior at home
  • Build connections to share your values and culture
  • Discipline with kindness and firmness.


Parents will leave this workshop with several new simple, respectful parenting tools to use right away!

Thursday, October 14, 6:00- 8:00pm via Zoom.



Please visit the Renton School District Technology Department page to help students navigate technology and digital resources, understand the expectations for responsible use, and become excellent digital citizens.


WHY DOES THE GATE closes at 8:52?

If you arrive after 8:52, please come around to the front office and check in. Students should be in their seats at 8:55 when the bell rings. If a student is marked absent and does not check in, parents will receive a robo-call.


TOys are not allowed at school

They become a distraction and can cause conflict between students. Please leave those fun treasures at home to keep them safe.







October 12 - PTA Meeting at 7 pm


October 14 - Sound Discipline Parenting Workshop - 6 - 8pm 


October 24 - 26  - Learning Express Shopping Weekend - PTA Fundraiser