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If your students is arriving for breakfast - Students are not to arrive to school until 8:30 (Monday – Thursday) or 9:55 (Friday) for breakfast when cafeteria supervision begins.  Breakfast starts at 8:30 am (Monday – Thursday) and 9:55 am on Friday. 

Please don’t arrive before 8:30 am.  Students who are on the school grounds before that time ARE NOT supervised by school staff.   

Link to Nutrition Services for more information and menus. 

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

If you are driving your child to or from school, 

please follow these procedures to ensure a safe 

and efficient transition. 


Drop-off time begins at 8:30 am. 

The Tardy Bell rings at 8:55 am. After 8:55, 

students are tardy and need to be walked to office. 


  • Pull into the parking lot off of 4th St (get those kids ready 

with backpacks in hand). If the drop off area is full, you need to circle 

the block until there is space.  

  • When you get to the drop off area, pull as far 

forward as possible. 

  •  Students then exit out the PASSENGER 

SIDE ONLY as quickly as possible. 

  • Driver may then carefully and slowly exit the 

drop off zone. 

Getting to Class 

Students should immediately go to their class line/door per 

their teacher’s instructions. If the class has 

already entered the building students should 

go straight to class through the front door. 

**NOTE** Our PARAS will supervise drop-off 

until drop-off is concluded. If you arrive 

after drop-off is concluded, you should escort 

your student to the office. 


  • Students should leave class through the assigned door per their teacher’s instructions and proceed to the pick-up waiting area. 

  • Students should be watching for their car and not playing. 

  • The driver should pull forward in the pick-up zone as far as possible. Do not stop where your student is waiting. 

  • When a student sees his or her car and the car comes to a stop, she/he should walk to the 

stopped car and get in the passenger side. 

  • After the student is securely in his/her seat, the driver may carefully and slowly leave the pickup zone and exit the parking lot. 

Kindergarten Bus 

RSD Standard Procedural Elements for Kindergarteners’ Bus Safety 

The items below are intended to be minimum expectations for elementary schools to ensure the safety of kindergarten students.  Schools may customize their procedures. 

Supervisors load K students on buses and daycare vehicles before other students dismiss for the first 3 weeks of school. 

 All K bus riders must wear a plastic luggage-type tag every day for the entire year.  Tags are written in BIG BOLD letters that are easy to read and include:       

  • Student name            
  • School name & phone number 
  • Bus route # on the back 
  • Drop off stop    

The office will have a list of bus riders and route numbers for each K student for quick reference. The list is to be updated regularly.    

A copy of the route information is to be given to parents.  This will be provided by transportation. 

The kinders sit at the front of each bus.  They MAY NOT sit in the back with their siblings.   

As new students enroll, a yellow pass with their route number is given to the driver and a bus tag is worn by the student.  They are paired with a student in their class who rides the same bus and brought to the attention of the adults supervising the bus area.  

Bus lists are to be updated weekly.  

Early Student Dismissal Policy 

Adults are required to come to the office when checking out your student for early dismissal. Students will be called from the classroom to be picked up in the office. Please ensure that the attendance office receives notes students bring to the classroom regarding early dismissal. 

Students are released only to parents, guardians, or those persons listed as emergency contacts on the student’s emergency information/registration sheet. All adults will be asked for identification to ensure every child’s safety.  

Dismissal after 3:25 is highly discouraged. This is an important time in the school day as teachers are providing important information to go home and we are engaged in learning all the way to the bell. Dismissal at this time can be very disruptive. 

Changing Student Transportation Plan

If a student is to go home a different way than they normally do, we need a note or a phone call from the parent/guardian telling us that, otherwise we send them home the way they normally go, either by bus or walking.   

If your student is going to another student's home, we need a note from both parent/guardian giving permission for this to happen for bus passes to be given.  

If a student walks home, we recommend that they walk with another student or an adult rather than alone.   

After 2:30 pm we will not change the way your student gets home (only in extreme emergency – ex: car accident, go to hospital, etc).  This will give the office time to distribute the “Dismissal Change Slips” to each classroom.  This will stop many of the classroom interruptions and help to maximize teaching time. 

The safety of our students is of utmost importance to us and all precautions against serious accidents must be taken. 

Late Pick Up Policy 

Student safety is the highest priority of the Renton School District. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that all students are under appropriate supervision until they return to you at the end of their school day. Please ensure that you pick your child up on time each day. 

Sartori staff is concerned about students who are left after dismissal time or who are brought back to school because no one is there to meet the bus.  The school is not, and cannot be, staffed to provide supervision for students in these situations; hiring extra personnel is beyond our financial resources. In addition, children can feel confused and apprehensive when they are not picked up on time. 

When children are returned to school or not picked up within 15 minutes after school is dismissed (3:50 pm), the child’s parent or guardian will be notified. If a third incident occurs within 60 days, the parent or guardian will be charged a minimum of $20.00 per child payable to the Renton School District.  Time extending beyond the first hour will be billed at $40.00.