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Drop Off / Pick Up



Monday - Thursday:  Students are not to arrive before 8:40 am. The gates will be closed and locked at 8:52.

The Tardy Bell rings at 8:55 am. After 8:55, students are tardy and need to be walked to front office and signed in.

Students arriving late must be signed in by a parent.

Fridays: Students are not to arrive before 10 am. The gates will be locked at 10:22 am. The Tardy Bell rings at 10:25 am.



The drop off area does not open until 8:30 am. Please do not pull into the parking lot and wait as it blocks our staff from parking. Do not release your students until Sartori staff is outside to greet them at 8:40 am (10 on Fridays). 

Pull into the parking lot off of 4th St (get those kids ready with backpacks in hand). If the drop off area is full, you need to circle the block until there is space.  

When you get to the drop off area, pull as far forward as possible. 

Students then exit out the DRIVER'S SIDE ONLY as quickly as possible. 

Driver may then carefully and slowly exit the drop off zone. 


Getting to Class 

Students should immediately go to their class line/door per their teacher’s instructions. If the class has already entered the building students should go straight to class through the front door. 

**NOTE** Our PARAS will supervise drop-off until drop-off is concluded. If you arrive after drop-off is concluded, you should escort your student to the office. 



Please do not enter the parking lot for pick up until after 3 pm.

Drivers should enter the pick up line on Factory. There should not be anyone using Garden Ave to park or enter the pick up line.

Walking PICK UP

Please do not park on Garden to pick up students. You can use the grass lot across from the front office and walk down Park Ave.  Walking adults – stand in line with your student’s name on a card on Park Ave. A staff member will take your card and give it the students that are waiting inside the gate. When your student gets their card, they will walk to you.