Science at Sartori

Curious to know what science standards look like at Sartori Elementary? Please read our 2019-2020 science standards for K to 5 education. 

Kindergarten Science

Science Domains: Earth, Life, & Physical Science

Earth Science: Local Weather

  • Where do puddles come from? Where do they go?
  •  Where do puddles happen? What do you notice?

Foundations in Computer Science

  • Creating simple algorithms
  • Identifying basic computer hardware

Physical Science: Force and Motion

  • What makes things move? How can something little move something big?

Life Science: Habitats and Survival

  • How do living things get what they need?
  •  Analyzing how animals engineer shelters

Engineering Design:

Students explore engineering problems and investigate possible solutions in the context of their science units.

Systems, Inquiry, and Application:

Students work on developing science practices, such as:

  • Expressing science thinking using pictures, arrows, color, and labels with words and phrases
  • Explaining ideas to a partner and to their teacher in writing and speaking
  • Making observations and gathering evidence from text and video

Grade 1 Science

Grade 2 Science

Grade 3 Science

Grade 4 Science

Grade 5 Science