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Lottery Process Overview

For Students Residing in the Renton School District*

*Please note this application process is available only for students living in the Renton School District Boundaries.

Sartori Elementary School is Renton School District’s only option school. This means that it does not have an official boundary. Families who wish to have their student attend Sartori Elementary School must submit an application. For a given grade level, if there are more applications than openings, a lottery will take place to determine placement and a wait list. Students will be pulled for such a lottery with the following priority:

Priority 1
Students living in North Renton Boundary with a sibling currently enrolled in Sartori who is in grade Kinder-Fourth

Priority 2
Students living in North Renton Boundary*
*Families must provide proof of residence by Friday, February 26th, 2021 at 4:00 PM, otherwise they will be moved to Priority Level 4

Priority 3
Students with a sibling currently enrolled in Sartori in grade Kinder-Fourth

Priority 4
Students living in the Renton School District Boundary or children of Full-Time Renton School District Employees


The Sartori application period for the 2021-22 School Year will be November 2, 2020 through February 12, 2021.

Students living in the Renton School District Boundary and students whose parents/guardians are full-time employees of the Renton School District may apply for Sartori during the application period. Applications received after the due date at 4:00 PM will NOT be considered for the lottery process for 2021-22. Applications are not ranked based on the date they are received.

Families may apply on the Sartori Elementary website. Families must name each child they wish to enroll on their family application. For every student that is selected to enroll at Sartori, his/her family will be asked to complete a full Renton School District registration packet.

Automated emails confirming the receipt of applications will be sent to the email addresses provided by families (only if an email is not provided will families receive a phone call). If a family does not receive a confirmation of their application, they should call 425-204-4501.

For families without internet access or an email account, paper applications will be available at Sartori, and must be submitted to the Office Manager.

Applications received after the Open Enrollment Period Deadline Date at 4:00 PM will not be considered for the lottery.

Click here for the North Renton Boundary Map