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All About Sartori

Sartori at a glance:

What Makes Sartori a stem school?

As a STEM school, Sartori will provide students the opportunity to develop a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics competencies over the course of their elementary school career. Research shows that children need educational experiences in which adults foster and guide their innate curiosity and ways of thinking about the world into formal learning experiences that allow them to develop meaningful understandings of STEM disciplines. Early exposure is key to engaging students in STEM in that students’ future career choices in STEM pathways are often made by age 10 (Archer & DeWitt, 2017). We have a science coach that writes our curriculum that is relevant to our community and positions students as problem solvers and change makers. STEM is our culture, not a curriculum. 

What makes sartori unique?


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UW Edu Talk About Sartori

  • K-5 Elementary School 
  • 4 classrooms Kindergarten through 3rd grade, 3 classrooms for 4th and 5th grade 
  • 22 students per class (K-3), 29 students per class (4-5) 
  • Similar demographics to the rest of the district 
  • Bussing provided for all students 
  • PE, Music, and Library Weekly 
  • Same literacy and math curriculum as other Renton Innovation Zone Schools 
  • We use Positive Discipline and teach Social Emotional Lessons 
  • Once students are enrolled at Sartori, they continue each year 
  • Students return to their neighborhood middle and high school 
  • Sartori provides Special Education services for students that qualify 
  • There is no Discovery Program housed at Sartori, students identified as highly capable are served in classrooms with individualized student plans 
    • Science, Math, and Literacy Coach 
    • 2 STEM Labs 
    • Art Studio – Art Docent Program 
    • Community Room 
    • All Staff as Learners 
    • Computer Science and Computation Thinking units 
    • Social and Emotional learning embedded 
    • Positive Discipline and Inclusion focused